Truck Repair in Cumberland, MD

Legacy Truck and Auto Repairs Problems in Trucks of All Types

Legacy Truck and Auto works on and repairs all types of trucks, from light, to medium, to heavy-duty, to very heavy commercial trucks in Cumberland, MD. If you have a repair issue with your truck, and you cannot solve the problem, or you want professionals to make the fixes, then you can depend on us to get to the root of the problem.

We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to discover where the problems are. Our mechanics are highly trained in all aspects of truck repair, so give us a call at (301) 777-1158, or you can stop by the shop at 19 E. Clement Street.



Diesel Repair
Air Brake Replacement & Repair
24-Hour Roadside Repair
Brake Repair
New & Used Tire Sales
Tire Repair
Preventative Maintenance


Oil Changes
Computer Diagnostics
Shocks, Struts, & Suspension
Exhaust Service
Muffler Repair
Air Conditioning Repair


Heating Repair
Engine Replacement
Fuel Pump & Line Repairs
Alternators, Starters, Ignition
Electrical Systems
Front End Alignment
Battery Replacement

Trust Us to Fix Your Tractor - Trailer

When your tractor-trailer is malfunctioning, it is costing you or your company money and time. You need to get back on the road quickly, and that is why you need to call Legacy Truck and Auto. We can repair your tractor-trailer at our shop, or we can come to you if you need a roadside repair within 50 miles of our location in Cumberland, MD. Whether the issue is your diesel engine, brakes, transmission, steering, fuel pump, or some other problem, we will diagnose the malfunction, repair it, and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Checking Out Your Diesel Engine

Diesel engines are common in tractor-trailers, but other trucks like pickups are using diesel also. Diesel engines are usually reliable, but they do require regular maintenance so they can stay in working order. Legacy Truck and Auto can supply that that maintenance and fix problems that arise in diesel engines, including leaking gaskets and cooling systems issues. Contact us as soon as possible to work on your engine.

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